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My Many Mistakes Making My First Skirt and Headband

I remember seeing pictures of my friends as little girls in adorable matching outfits. I was the challenging child of my four siblings so I’m pretty sure my mom was happy if I was dressed when we left the house. I never imagined I would be a mom who would enjoy dressing her kid. I was so wrong. I love shopping for tiny clothes. I love putting together tiny coordinating outfits. What seems odd is that while shopping, it is difficult to find a matching skirt and headband. I’ve seen plenty of coordinating headbands but what if you want that same adorable floral on the booty and noggin?

Apparently, I’m not the only one looking for a reasonably priced matching set. A gal I ran track with in high school asked if I was able to make leggings or skirts with a matching headband. While I was still slightly traumatized by my swaddle struggles, I let her know leggings were scary but I had saved a pattern for a skirt from Pinterest.

Her daughter has beautiful red hair and momma has a hard time finding colors that work well for her. We decided an olive floral was the way to go.

Pinterest fails have been a regular occurrence in our house. Rest assured that it typically revolves around cooking rather than sewing. Any time we associate something with failure, it can make us timid. Like many of my other projects, I decided to just dive right in. The faster I start the less time I have to overthink.

The skirt went fairly smooth. Only a few oops here and there, but overall it was simple enough. I was disappointed that I didn’t’ find a cute lace trim that went with the material I chose. I guess I’ll just have to make more!

Now the headband.
Ugh. Mistake after mistake.

I had to recut a few pieces after trimming back accidental stitches or needing to pull poorly executed stitching. I was trying to replicate one of my favorites from Ivy’s collection. Looked simple enough. Maybe my brain wasn’t functioning well that day and that’s why I was driving the struggle bus. The second time I tried this same style, it went so much smoother!

After struggling through the tiny complexities, I do believe we came out with an adorable matching skirt and headband!

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