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Avocado or avocuddle? Flannel Baby Blanket

Ever see something and know you need it but not sure what for? That’s exactly how I felt when I saw this avocado couple flannel I tossed it in my cart. While I was still shopping for other material that was actually on my list, I decided I wanted to love on the traditional flannel swaddle. It is a classic baby blanket that has stood the test of time, used by mothers from all over.

Most of the mommas I’ve spoken with complained that the flannel swaddles they had were too small and difficult to use. Simple solution: make it bigger! The final dimensions of this baby blanket ended up being 35″x40-something… naturally, I can’t remember now that I’m writing this. I will, of course, remeasure it before uploading it to the shop later tonight. *settled deep into our big comfy chair watching the most recent episode of The Bachelorette so I can’t do it right this moment.

Baby blankets are strange things. Sometimes they mean more to mom or dad than the actual owner. Others are deeply loved by a tiny human and cherished forever. What an amazing feeling it is to know that something I made could be loved so deeply by someone so gentle and pure?

*pulls self together…
So my thought with the avocados was 1. the halves make a whole – precious 2. avocados make guac and who doesn’t love that?! Just kidding. I can understand how someone may not love guacamole, but only if you’re a texture person. The flavor is too wonderful to dislike.

With guac on my mind, tacos follow closely behind. I destroyed four classic corn hard shell tacos tonight. It was magical.

If you know a soon to be momma that’s been craving tacos and or guac, can I make a suggestion? Shower her with this adorable avocado swaddle and toss in the taco bout awesome burp cloths!