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Newborn Baby Headbands – Welcome to The Baby Headband World

If you are looking for some newborn baby headbands you have come to the right place.  The baby hand band life is really quite simple but when you welcome a new human to the world everything can be overwhelming. The one thing that can change any bad day is the smile of a cute baby, but when you throw a baby headband in the mix, things just get better!

Newborn Baby Headbands From a Fathers Perspective

If you ended up on this article you probably are not a father but our perspective matters and here is why. The more of these headbands lying around the easier it is for a father to dress his daughter and get her cute. Bet you didn’t think about that one eh? (excuse my Canadian)

When Ivy was born, I actually did not think about combing her hair and doing her hair much but I definitely could throw a headband on her. It was great because she looked great, she would not rip it off and it let people know that she was a girl because most people thought she was a boy.

I felt like having lots of headband options gave me hope. I think more fathers want to do everything they can, but mom, sometimes you gotta help a man. Put him in a position to succeed and he may just shock you.

Custom New Born Baby Headbands – Get The Baby Headband You Will Adore

If you have an idea of a fabric, print or color you would love to have on a headband. Cute Yute can do that for you. Email Emily ( and she will get that taken care of for you.

The more specific you are in your request the more time it may take to find the material to build which will raise the price. If you want it, she will find it and make it happen for you. If you are going to get a bunch of headbands you may as well have some that no one else has.

Newborn Baby Headbands With a Matching Skirt

Newborn Baby Headbands - Welcome to The Baby Headband World

After you get a baby headband you can step it up to the next level by getting a matching skirt to go with it. At Cute Yute, we will take the same material made to make the headband and throw down a skirt to go with it. Not only will your daughter have a unique baby headband but she will also have a one in a kind skirt that will just melt hearts. The skirts are easy to put on. No buttons, zippers or anything else. The skirts are made with a simple elastic band.


Newborn Baby Headbands With Mother Headwrap to Match


For the last piece of baby headband fun, you can get yourself a head wrap to match the head wrap that your daughter has. We just did not want to leave you out of all the cuteness. That is not fair to the moms of the world. The headwrap for women is clearly larger than the newborn baby headbands but it can also be tied in a number of ways to fit your style. Who doesn’t love a mom and me matching set?!

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