Finding a Way With My First Baby Mobile

Baby mobiles are one of those baby items that I skipped. I felt like it was just one more thing to spend money on and definitely did not make our “need it” list. Now, did I see mobiles that I thought were incredibly cute? YES. Did I try to convince myself that Ivy needed one? Yes. She is currently 16 months old and has survived without one. But I still wonder occasionally, did I make our lives more difficult by not giving it a shot?

No sense in worrying about what could have been, especially when it comes to sleep. What sleep was lost is lost and will never come back. I do regularly have the internal discussion with myself about joining Ivy for naps and the benefits that adequate sleep provides me as an individual and as a mother. I’d say I’m batting 500 in that debate.

Pinterest always finds a way to pop new adorable craft ideas into my feed. One of the more recent trends has been baby mobiles. There are so many beautiful products that I would love to indulge in but typically find myself checking out the DIY options with my money saving mind leading the way.

After looking at a few tutorials, I decided I was going to go for it. Making my own! My general plan was to use black and white scrap material I have to make some little critters, more than likely cats. The high contrast of black and white is best for babies eyes as they’re developing. I then found myself finding some beautiful more ornate mobiles. Now being honest, most of these seem geared towards mom’s decorative wants. Which I have zero problems with! Make that baby space a place where you feel happy and calm. Kids used to be raised on much less artificial stimulation than what we feel pressured to provide today. All the flashing lights and loud noises just seem a little over the top to me. Don’t misunderstand, Ivy definitely has toys that sing songs and flash. She loves her new xylophone grandpa just got her. She gets to beat on something and make pretty noises!

So with modern and minimalist moms in mind, I decided to keep an eye out for something special. I literally had no idea what I was looking for but felt confident that I would know it when I saw it. I was making one final lap around JoAnn’s when I stopped by the stringed beads. While I love shiny tiny cute things, I never buy beads so making this stop was entirely a gut feeling.

Poof! There they were – the cutest little round owl beads I had ever seen. Adorably shaped, delicately painted and all in a row. Literally, one line of thread held 11 little fluff balls. I mean how cute are they?

I grabbed an embroidery hoop, some natural looking hemp rope, and my little owl buddies and went to town! In classic mother mode, I was nervous about the potential choking hazard of the bead. I secured each of these bad boys with heart.

Super simplistic. I do have a tendency to go one… or two steps past the best stopping point in craft projects. I did consider adding some strips of ribbon, lace or fabric between the owls to add some more volume. But I restrained myself. If whoever wants to bring this baby mobile home would some extra cuteness added I’d happily do so!

Feeling like the baby mobile owls turned out well, I think I will try my scrap fabric cat idea next!

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