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Blanket Gift Set Swooning You Have Needed In Your Life

I’ll start by saying I totally believe in signs. I also love every baby blanket. While shopping for some other fabric last week, I saw this adorable donut and sprinkle cotton material that I fell in love with. I typically try to stick to my list when shopping and didn’t have delish donut cotton listed, so I reluctantly left it behind.

Within a few days, a good friend requested a donut themed baby blanket and headband set.

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Our original plan was to find a knit material and pair it with a burp cloth she had seen and wanted. Unfortunately, I wasn’t finding what i wanted in the knit section so I asked for some creative freedom with the project. Bless her heart, she let me run wild.

I knew those tiny sweet colorful donuts were coming home with me! I decided to duplicate the blanket my sister had gifted to Ivy the day she was born. It’s a beautiful black base cotton with yellow floral cuteness backed by a soft yellow minky.

Naturally, I thought the minky wouldn’t be too much to handle. I was almost right. With a few hiccups and “dang it’s”, the blanket is completed. Now for the sprinkles on top; the headband.

Ivy refused to wear bows and headbands when she was tiny. Now she’ll pick out headbands herself and bring them to you randomly throughout the day. One of my personal favorites is light denim with white polka dots.

I measured the three segments and went to work. My first duplication, beautiful olive floral material for a sweet redhead, was slightly off but still functional. The second round of noggin decorating cuteness called for a few changes. I’m quite satisfied with my new changes. I think I can say I’m ready to go to town on these bows!

The size I based the design off fits Ivy’s average 15-month circumference measurement. She’s also been wearing that original design for a few months so I’d be confident saying it’ll fit a wide age range as it still has plenty of elastic expansion left.

I think this may be one of my favorite items to make now that I figured out the little details. Keep an eye out for more headbands to come!

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