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The Swaddle Struggles Are Real

I’ve swooned over many floral swaddles since 2016 especially with a matching headband or hat. Something about a sweet little nugget bundled in beautiful colors just melted my heart. The way in which I had viewed swaddles was purely for their aesthetics. I foolishly ignored the articles about how many newborns prefer snuggly swaddles over loose limbs. Even as our wonderful nurse took the time to show us before we left the hospital, I smiled and listened. I didn’t practice while I had the mind and hands of experienced swaddler right there to give all the advice and guidance a new mom could want. I’ll blame hormones and sleep deprivation. That’s reasonable right?

After two weeks of miserable sleeping decisions, my husband resorted to swaddling. Magic. We went from a baby that refused to sleep anywhere but our chest or arms to a knocked out nugget of swaddled cuteness. We had two go to blankets. One was pink flannel hand me down. No idea where it currently is. The second, a handmade cotton and minky floral blanket gifted by my sister. Neither were specifically designed for swaddle but were totally functional.

After realizing the vitality of a swaddle in our home, I wanted to venture into the swaddling world as a maker. During the research process, I found there are quite a few different opinions on the best size for a swaddle. So I’ll be trying a few different sizes and material types. For my first attempt, I wanted to try using a stretchy knit material. When I came across this yellow floral design I couldn’t resist! Most of the complaints regarding swaddles seemed to be that they were too small making it difficult to finagle. I decided to go big or go home! I find that saying funning considering I love being home, going to my original home (mom & dad’s) as well as visiting the in law’s and my sibling’s homes. Back to business – I cut my material to be a solid 48″x48″ square. It was one of the first items I posted on my social media and it was the first item to be spoken for! A beautiful little lady will get wrapped up in this later this summer.
*Yes, that is indeed a bath towel that I swaddled. Ivy was sleeping at the time so I didn’t have access to any cute teddy bears.


Although there were many learning opportunities that arose during this project, I still love the final result. If one was to look closely at the edges you would see the realness of a first timer. The buyer was made entirely aware of the lack of perfection. Which I think is a great place to start as a new mom.

There are so many blogs and articles we expose ourselves to as expecting mothers. With good intention we read and try to apply someone else’s thinking and values to our own lives because that seems to be what is best. I stopped reading shortly after I started. I felt pressured to believe and do the exact same thigns as these women who live entirely different lives. While other mothers are fantastic resources, be sure to not compare your family to others. Its entirely unfair to yourself.

Just like with the yellow swaddle, learn and made adjustments. For me, the yellow floral material was too challenging so next time I’ll use another material type. In my almost 16 months of parenting, I have already learned it is all about making adjustments!


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