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Headwraps – I Think I Can…

A good friend asked if I could make her a few headwraps after my initial rejuvenated craft life Instagram post. My friends seem to have more confidence in my skills than I do. Seeing how I had never worn a headwrap myself, I went to good old google to do some research. I needed significant guidance from established crafters. I found there to be a variety of sizes and styles as well as different material types. After exchanging a few messages, we chose a size, roughly 27″ x 48″, and off to the store I go. Just kidding, I was already going because there was a huge three-day sale. I may have gone twice. I will brag on the fact that my total savings listed on the recent doubled my actual total so its fine.

After finishing the edges, I wanted to share the result. Who wants to just look a picture of a rectangle of fabric? What kind of friend am I if that’s the only means of display I can muster?

I had simultaneously been speaking with my sister in law about making a “momma and me” set for her and my niece. I had been thinking about trying to find one for my own daughter but was intimidated by the idea of needing to be able to style the knot. She sent me a few websites to look through for ideas as well as some tutorials. Thank goodness for supportive, understanding family. Having a can-do attitude one evening, I dove into the world of knots I’d never experienced. Quickly fear washed over me as I realized the sizing of the wrap I made was significantly shorter than those in all the tutorials. After a moment of panic, I told myself “wing it!” As long as you have a half decent knot, in the end, its good enough. *Remember, I’m just trying to show my friend how her material turned out.

Here was my result:

If it were an exam, I think I would have passed.

To continue my winning streak, I dove into the “momma and me” set. What could stop me now? I’ve self-taught (via tutorials) myself into a decent knot with a first round project, just do it again. Totally underestimated the size of a toddler’s head. Toddler wrap estimated length – substantially too short. Again, mini internal meltdown [must avoid adult tantrum in front of my own toddler when possible]. I decided to grab a hair tie and tie it around the ends of the mini wrap. At that point, I had hope and even convinced myself this would be more practical for small girls as they squirm and resist. Maybe that’s just my child, or maybe it is not. In a selfish moment, I held poor Ivy’s noggin and wrapped that tiny cuteness and attempted to fluff up a knot. Fail. She was not having it. So I used my thigh instead as it was a much more willing participant. I will say, I can’t wait to see this set on my sister in law and her munchkin.



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