Welcome to Cute Yute, home of handmade baby items!

Tiny tots can look adorable in anything, check out our variety of handmade baby items!

I am a mid 20’s, roll with the punches kind of mom. I like to prepare the best I can but have learned to let go and flow with what the world gives us. I’m a mom taught crafter. I enjoy almost all things fuzzy and small.

Cute Yute is my new baby – yes it creates a mess and needs looking after but also brings so many smiles and laughs.

I’ll be creating handmade baby blankets, burp cloths, swaddle blankets (I believe swaddling saved my marriage), headbands, skirts for little ladies and mobiles. I’m sure a random other product will pop up here and there as I get inspired or recognize another need.

A key component of keeping this ordeal fun will be keeping it real. Human error is real. Everyone makes mistakes. These handmade baby projects will be no exception. I could never pretend to execute a pattern perfectly and I am entirely okay with that. I look at crafting similarly to parenting. Always give the best effort but at the end of the day, its okay if things don’t line up exactly or if there are bits of Cheeze-Itz smashed into the carpet. Keeping tiny humans relatively clean, mostly happy and as safe as possible is my mindset. I’ll be focusing on finding the joy in the little things – soft fabrics, nostalgic patterns, silly mishaps and the excitement of a new baby receiving a special gift.